21 April 2015

New website

Azuro started-up its services in 2011 and now exists 4 years. To celebrate our 4 years of existence, we decided to freshen up the look and feel of our logo in 2015. We also believe 2015 is bound to be an important year in the history of Azuro. Behind the screens we are working hard to innovate, expand our services, set up new partnerships and explore new client relationships. (more…) READ MORE

29 March 2015

Azuro launches new logo

We are happy to be able to present you the new Azuro website. In a fast evolving business, it is important to stay up-to-date with the newest technologies and market trends. We therefore decided to renew the website of Azuro. We implemented our new logo and colour style, but we also opted for a much more inviting, dynamic and fresh design. Our new website is a 100% responsive design. No matter what medium (laptop, smartphone, tablet or pc) or which internet browser visitors use: our website will automatically adapt to deliver the best possible user experience. We can now guarantee everyone the best experience: anytime and anywhere.<!--more--> Exploring new possibilities to make it quicker and easier for candidates to interact with us, we integrated a new innovation by wh… READ MORE

While the recruitment industry seems to evolve further to a less qualitative approach in client and candidate servicing, Azuro chooses the opposite direction. We believe in focusing on intense partnerships and prefer quality to quantity of cooperation. This way, we create maximum added value to both employers and employees. To achieve quality we work with a team of dedicated and senior consultants with extensive experience. We also invest regularly in further training and development of our employees. We are happy to announce that Azuro recently received a Certo qualification. The Certo-label is a quality guarantee developed by Federgon and VDAB for companies active in the field of outplacement.<!--more--> Apart from that, Bart Bernaerts and Annick Engelen recently gradu… READ MORE

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