Through our Recruitment and Direct Search formula’s we support your recruiting needs from our own offices. A recruitment or direct search assignment can be based on a permanent contract type, as well as an interim management solution.

Depending on the type of position and its complexity we determine the best recruitment formula in consultation with our client: Flex or Premium. For both recruitment formula’s, we employ different type of partnerships, different pricings, and a different candidate approach.

This formula is suitable for the following assignments:

  • The image of the employer and/or job position is not a limiting factor.
  • Probably more candidates are interested in the position, and it can be expected that the candidate pool is sufficiently large and approachable.
  • The positions have the possibility of a next career step.
  • The positions have little or no limiting propositions such as e.g. remuneration, location, hours, …
  • There are enough USP’s available such as a challenging job content, possibilities for growth and education, other unique elements.

This formula is suitable for the following assignments:

  • The image of the employer and/or job position is a limiting factor: very few candidates know the employer or are interested in this type of job.
  • The candidate pool is limited: the target group is very limited, and/or not naturally inclined to react proactively on a vacancy or to move to another employer. The target group needs to be targeted proactively, wants to be ‘seduced’ and ‘hunted’.
  • The position entails a horizontal move: you are looking for a candidate in a similar job elsewhere.
  • There are limiting propositions as e.g. possibilities regarding remuneration, location, flexibility of working hours,…
  • The position USP’s are in general more limited.

Azuro has extensive experience, both in Recruitment and in Direct Search. We are specialized in diverse sectors and within a wide range of different positions. Our main specialties are within the fields of Finance, Banking, Insurance, Legal, IT, Process and project management, Marketing, Communications, Customer care, Sales, and HR.