Which advantages can we offer you as a candidate?

Azuro is not only a partner to the companies working with us, Azuro is also a long-term partner for candidates working with us. This is what our baseline Partner in Careers refers to. Our extensive expertise and individual approach are our greatest benefit and an excellent reason to get in touch with us.

See here some candidate quotes:

“Other than in other selection offices I felt that Azuro’s consultant not only understood my business but also my interests and wishes.”

“The interview at Azuro was very thorough and the questions were pertinent and to the point. I got a very good insight in the position, and in the company. Very different from some offices where young consultants sometimes not even understand the job or its content.”

“After 1 interview at Azuro I had interviews at 3 companies having jobs close to my interests and experience. “     

“I was in touch with Azuro for quite some time as I was carefully looking for the next step. In the end Azuro contacted me with the perfect fob. You’ll see!”

“I received some great counseling from Azuro throughout the whole interview process at my new employer. I also got some tips for the interview at the company, which I believe have helped. ”

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