That first impression is based more on emotional, rather than rational grounds. It is just an image the interviewer gets from you through your dress code, your first words, the way you enter the room, shake hands, …

The largest part of that first impression is based on body language (the image). This, while as a job applicant, you’re probably busier with content and how to communicate (your words). Don’t be mistaken: whatever you tell the interviewer still remains important, but our body language often tells a lot more. Studies show that 55% of all communication is through body language.

When you have prepared your message well (your words), it creates room for more attention to your body language (the image). Below you can find some tips regarding your body language:

  • Always look friendly at people
  • Give a firm handshake
  • Turn off your smartphone
  • Look the interviewer in the eyes during the conversation. Avoid looking at the floor or door.
  • In case there are more interviewers, make sure you connect with each of them.
  • Take a calm and open body posture: do not cross your arms or legs. Through a closed body posture you indicate feeling uncomfortable or attacked. It’s a defensive attitude.