In larger companies and in government institutions this is common practice. The test results do not always weigh in on the final decision. In many cases the interviewer tries to find confirmation of the idea he had about a candidate.

There are many different types of tests and assessments:

– Intelligence tests: mostly puzzles and questions to be solved in a certain amount of time. They test your general intelligence or parts of it like mathematical or verbal capabilities.

  • Personality tests: give a number of statements, and you should indicate which one is most like you.
  • Knowledge tests: measures specific job knowledge
  • All kinds of mail, and simulation assessments

Results for these assessments always are relative: they are measured compared to candidates with a similar level or background.

How to prepare for this?

  • Show up fresh. Listen carefully to the instructions.
  • Always request the results, it can be a learning opportunity.
  • Practice.

Because whatever they say: practice can sometimes make a difference. Only psycho-technical assessments cannot really be prepared for. Preparation also has a psychological effect: you’ll be a lot calmer at the testing time. You’ll know what to expect and you will know you have done anything you could to prepare.

The Internet contains many examples for testing. Here are some links:

  • Example of an intelligence test: Mensa test
  • Examples of all kinds of tests: 123test
  • All kinds of tests on the VDAB site: VDAB

Test away!