Consultancy offices exist in all shapes and sizes: from small independent businesses with a very personal service to large international organizations. There are also many different kinds: you have selection offices, offices for interim management, temp offices, freelance offices… In many cases recruitment firms are specialized in certain segments. You have temp offices specializing in labor workers, management assistants or technicians, and in the selection and recruitment office sector you have several specializing in IT, sales, or financial positions. You name it, and there probably is a specialized firm for it! Small wonder a candidate loses the overview.

Some job seekers use the consultancy option well; others see it as a waste of time. Admittedly the differences in added value can be huge.

Rexcruitment consultants with the largest added value are these with a specialization in your field, who work with you on a personal level, and who know the companies they work for through and through.

Did you find one? You’ll definitely benefit from their services based on one of these elements:

Saving time
When you’re still working but looking forward to something else, a consultant can save you quite some time. Maybe he has jobs in his portfolio similar to the one you responded to. One interview, and several job offers: talk about saving time!

A ‘compagnon de route’
Some consultants, like Azuro, go even further: when they’re convinced about your knowledge, they can offer your candidacy to companies in their network spontaneously (of course in consultation with you). Through their many contacts they know exactly which companies are regularly on the lookout for candidates for which positions. Don’t forget, not all companies publish their job openings publicly. This way consultants can open doors that otherwise probably would remain closeto you. Besides that a good consultant will always be on the lookout for new job opportunities for you: when a new opportunity comes up, they notify you automatically. This way you’ll have an extra set of eyes, actively looking for a new job for you. Best to give your consultant very explicit instructions in this case.

A source of information
Good consultants know their companies and their job positions through and through. They have a lot of background information you would never be able to lay your hands on in a direct application. This way you’ll be better prepared for your interview. Maximize the use of this information, and ask as much info as you can. They can help you with: indications around salary levels and extra-legal benefits, company culture, place in the organogram, tips for your interview, the expected procedure, and so on.

A recruitment consultant
The word consultant says it all: you consult them. They are a source of information, and in later steps of the recruitment procedure they can offer an added value. Think about salary negotiations.

Career advice
Consultants have a very good view of the job market possibilities. In that sense you can certainly ask them for advice. Reciprocate by asking them what they think, and ask them about their possibilities for you in the short or the long term.

Interview tips
Dare to ask for tips. Ask your consultant how you can improve for coming job interviews!!