Azuro Careers bvba (hereafter ‘Azuro’ or ‘We’) is located at Generaal Lemanstraat 37 in 2018 Antwerp and is registered with company number 0837.029.727 in Belgium.

We are an HR service provider specializing in:

  • the search for and placement of candidates with the goal of helping candidates to achieve employment under a contract of definite or indefinite duration,
  • the secondment and project sourcing of consultants (hereafter also called candidates),
  • carrying out various testings and assessments in order to assess capabilities of candidates.

In light of these activities, we process personal data of candidates in our CRM system; data that we receive directly or indirectly from them.

Below you can find a description of how we deal with personal data and which rights you own in that context.

Because our Privacy Policy may change in the future due to changed (digital) applications and / or legal or contractual obligations, we advise you to regularly read this policy. Important changes will be announced on our website.

The current version dates from 1 March 2019.

With an eye on efficient service and communication towards (potential) candidates and (potential) employers & clients (in the context of our activities – see above), we process candidates’ names, gender, date of birth, contact details, (fixed and mobile) telephone numbers, address, email, their training program, career background, ambition, hard skills & soft skills, their salary (expectation), the references they have given and in general: everything that candidates state on their curriculum vitae and / or communicate to Azuro. In addition, we process log-in data that is created by candidates when they log onto our website.

Only when this is necessary in the context of a specific selection procedure, we will process information about your health and / or your criminal past; this in accordance with all legal obligations in this respect.

With regard to personal information that is communicated to Azuro about third parties (such as contact references that we receive from candidates), the person who provides this information to us is responsible for obtaining the consent of the third party in question, as well as for the correctness of the information. If a candidate gives information about references to Azuro, then the candidate gives permission to Azuro to contact the references and to process all information that the reference about him / her communicates.

(Potential) candidates give Azuro the permission to use their personal data to inform them about outstanding positions (vacancies or assignments) or in general about the services of Azuro, unless (potential) candidates explicitly state that they do not wish to do so.

We collect personal data in a direct and indirect manner.

Personal data can be processed by Azuro when candidates / contractors submit their candidacy via our website, via mail, by correspondence or by any other way in which they reveal themselves as possible candidates (direct manner).

Furthermore, we can process data when candidates / contractors make themselves publicly known on external job or websites or on professional & academic networks. All personal data that they mention on such sites and forums may be processed by Azuro. The same applies to data obtained by Azuro from third parties and references as described above (indirect manner).

Our website and mailings can use cookies to optimize and facilitate their use. As a result, we can also check whether you use certain functionalities and open up mailings.

If you do not want cookies to be used, you can either unsubscribe (see below) or adjust your browser settings so that cookies are refused.

We store your data as long as our service can be in your advantage or until the moment you indicate to us that you no longer wish to take advantage of our service or indicate to us that you wish your data to be deleted by us.

Your data can be consulted by the employees (employees and managers) of Azuro as well as by the (potential) employers and clients to whom you are presented as a candidate in the context of an open vacancy / assignment.

We can also transfer your personal data to third parties (companies and natural persons) who are engaged by Azuro for the execution of specific services linked to our activities, such as to the provider of our database (located within the EU), to web hosting companies and service providers active in legal, accounting and marketing services.

Furthermore, Azuro is allowed to transfer your data to government agencies (criminal, tax or other) when we are (legally) obliged to do so.

By accepting our Privacy Policy you grant Azuro the permission to process your personal data and use them for (automatic or non-automatic) electronic communication to you (such as email), for contact by telephone and by post, in order to inform you about vacancies & assignments and for marketing purposes.

If you no longer wish to receive information from Azuro, if you wish to consult or improve your personal data or if you have questions about the processing of your data, you can contact us by:

  • email:
  • Letter: addressed to the Responsible Privacy, Generaal Lemanstraat 37 in 2018 Antwerp –
  • Telephone: number +32 (0) 473891918.